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5 Hobbies that Can Hone Your Artistic and Money-making Skills

Most people say and believe that your work will not feel like work if it’s your passion. There are those that love to teach, make music, and cook, but only as a side job. Some individuals also continue to work on a full-time office job and just spend their weekends on their passion.

If you consider yourself an artistic person, you probably have a hobby where you can showcase your special skills. While most people consider hobbies as a minor interest, you can develop your hobby into a career. Here are five hobbies that you can also bank on as a reliable source of income.


Not everyone can write well. The younger generation in particular has somehow lost the subtle art and discipline of consistent and beautiful handwriting. There are thousands of fonts available in document applications, after all. However, if you’re an old soul who loves brush strokes and appreciate even the straight lines of a proper ball point pen, perhaps it’s time to develop your calligraphy skills and earn from it. You can write on Christmas, birthday, or even christening cards for other people and get paid for your service. If you’re really good at it, you can even organize a workshop for people who are interested in your hobby.

Wood Work

Making furniture and even simple wooden figurines requires hours upon hours of practice and tremendous discipline. Once you’ve carved the wood, there’s no turning back. If you have developed your hobby of making chairs, tables, and even wooden toys, you can sell your craft and then buy new tools for your hobby, too.

Pottery Making

Shaping mud may look easy, but pottery making is a hobby that needs patience from artists like you. If you have had an experience in pottery before, you probably understand how hard it is to make even a legit cup for your coffee. Once you’re confident that your work is worth a few bucks, why not sell them online and earn from your interest? Fewer people are practicing pottery making, so yours is a special kind of hobby.


Baking cakes and pastries is no piece of cake (pun intended). If you’re into this hobby and you have heard your friend exclaim about how moist and fudgy your brownie or chocolate chip cookies are, perhaps it’s time to consider selling them to that friend. Baking tools and ingredients are expensive after all, and it doesn’t hurt to earn some money from producing delicious cakes and pastries.

Making Music

Do you play the guitar, piano, or drums? Do you love music so much that you have created a song and have actually tried playing and recording it on your phone? If you know how to make music, you can perform your songs on the streets and maybe even become an internet sensation. You can also play at your local bar for a few songs.

Artistic hobbies need not be boring and expensive. Develop your skills and try to earn from them to further feed the artist in you.