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A Modern Man’s Guide to Closet Organization

Buying clothes is an experience. A store gives you so many options and at the end of the day, you take home those that you think will look good on you. Some people buy an entire outfit in one shopping trip, others buy more or have their personal shopper in Dubai set aside several options, while others are content with a statement piece to add to their growing wardrobe.

What men have to remember, however, is that those new purchases should not stay in shopping bags. They need to be organized in your closet.

What Happens After You Shop

Organizing the closet doesn’t give the same uplifting mood as shopping does, but it’s necessary if you want to know just how many items of clothing you own. You might own five pairs of shirts in the same colour and style already, but you might buy more if you have forgotten about those previous purchases. Fashion stylists around Dubai will want you to experiment with your clothes, not just wear the “same” shirt every day. Organize that closet by taking out all the items and starting from scratch.

A Clean Slate

Now that you see the bottom of your drawers again, it’s time to start arranging everything. Have a system: group your clothes by colour or level of casualness. Place the shoes near the clothes you will possibly pair with them. Choosing what to wear every day will be easier if you can easily see your entire outfit by just looking at one section in your closet. Don’t forget the socks, too–those make as much statement as your shirt.

Wear Everything at Least Once

Some shoppers forget about their purchase and in turn don’t get the opportunity to wear them. Don’t be a victim of this habit. After you’ve arranged everything in your closet, note the items you haven’t worn yet, and plan an outfit involving them. This way, you save time in the morning and you also maximise every item you own. After all, you paid for them. Feel free to accessorise differently, as well, so that a new item will make a completely different look for you. You’ll be glad for it when you start getting compliments.

Shopping is fun, but don’t forget about organizing your clothes and actually wearing them. No matter how big or small your closet is, as long as you have the fashion staples, you can create endless combinations to look like the all-around man that you are.