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Expand your skills in 3D modelling with these software tools

Learning 3D modelling is like going on an adventure. You discover new things as you explore new paths and try new things.  But like any journey, before you can get to your destination, you must first start packing all that you need for your trip – and you can’t go on a trip without the essentials, like your passport and money.

In the same way, to fully enjoy your exploration of 3D modelling, you must first build a solid foundation of the basic concepts. To help you get started on your journey, here are a few software tools you can use to build your understanding of the basics, and have fun learning at the same time.

Autodesk 123D Design

The 123D Design is a smart and powerful software that comes free of charge as part of Autodesk’s 123D Apps pool. It has a relatively simple and minimalistic user interface that uses icons instead of words, which might feel a bit unfamiliar for users who are more used to seeing drop down menus and words indicating different software functions. This is not to say that the icons make work complicated, as their designs are quite indicative of their individual functions, and hovering over each one will produce a tool tip that specifies the specific function it performs.

Furthermore, while function-specific menus are not readily viewable, icons that do offer different options and functionalities intuitively create individual lists when clicked, which aids the user experience. It might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, cruising through the different icons will be a breeze.

Another advantage of using 123D design is that it allows you to export the work that you have done to other software with relative ease. For example, if you are finished working on your 3D model using 123D Design, you can easily export it to Autodesk Meshmixer, which is a 3D sculpting software that allows you to check your models before sending them to a 3D printer for production, or to 123D Make, which is an Autodesk software that lets you print out blueprints of a 3D model, so you can create an actual model using your choice material.


If you want to explore another way of doing 3D modelling, you can try digital sculpting through SculptGL. SculptGL is a free 3D modelling software that features all the basic tools you need to gain a better understanding of digital sculpting.

Following the basic workflow of sculpting, you can start with a primitive that you shape and mould to achieve your desired design. From the raw silhouette, you can then work through layers, slowly refining the model until you achieve a refined 3D image. If you are creating a humanoid model, you can load a generic template from a 3D modelling software, then gradually work your way by adding more and more details.

Another advantage of this platform: it’s browser-based. This means you can enjoy all the functionalities of a basic 3D sculpting software, and all the versatility of browser-based software, which is perfect if you are a freelance social media designer, who is always on the go. If you don’t have the patience to learn all these things, but need 3D modelling done, visit  Website url today.