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Know the Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Purposes

There are many CCTV installation companies in UAE offering different types of surveillance cameras to consumers. But do you know which one to choose? This article is written to help you decide on which CCTV camera works best for you and your property. Below is a list of types of CCTV cameras that you might consider:

Bullet Security Cameras

Usually shaped like a bullet shell of a rifle, Bullet Security Cameras are created to capture images in a specific area. This type of surveillance camera can be easily recognized because of its thin, cylindrical appearance. Others refer to it as lipstick camera. If you want its cheaper and smaller version, go to your intercom systems provider and ask for an Ultra Bullet Camera.

Discreet CCTVs

Also known as spy camera or hidden surveillance camera, a Discreet CCTV is a camera in disguise. This type of surveillance camera is usually concealed and could appear like a small fan or any other thing within the area. If you want to monitor people and/or property in secret, this device is perfect for you.

Dome Cameras

They are called dome cameras because of their shape. This is the type of surveillance cameras that you usually see in retail stores and some office buildings. Because you can easily notice this device, it gives you an impression that the area is secured by a CCTV network. If someone wants to rob you, he or she might hesitate because of your dome camera.

Infrared Cameras

This type of CCTV is used for evening lookouts. These cameras can detect infrared radiation (heat) and produce thermal images to be transferred to a video monitor. Infrared cameras are designed for range tracking and scientific applications.

Network Cameras

Sometimes called Internet Protocol (IP) Camera, a Network Camera sends and receives images via a computer network and the Internet. Webcams fall under this category.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ means pan-tilt-zoom. PTZ cameras are programmed to be manually controllable. Many people prefer this type because of its great image quality and ability to zoom. The viewer has the freedom to control this camera while he or she is viewing things. If you want maximum protection, the PTZ camera is for you.

Have you already decided on which type of CCTV is perfect for you and your property? Visit today and we will gladly assist you with all your surveillance camera needs. Let our intercom experts work for you!