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Preparing for a Power Outage: What You Should Always Have on Standby

Unless it’s a scheduled outage, there’s no knowing when it will occur. You may be in the middle of lunch service in your restaurant, or you may be at home in the middle of the night when you notice the air conditioner has suddenly stopped working due to a power outage. Wherever you are, it’s important to be prepared.

Here are the three essentials that will keep you ready for any power outage:


Battery-Operated Radio

During an outage, you need to be in the know of what’s happening around you. You have your mobile phones and gadgets with you most of the time, but you may not have a reliable internet signal. The Wi-Fi may be down. And your gadgets may be drained of battery after a day or two, especially if you are using them all the time. It’s important to have a battery-operated radio, which can clue you in on what caused the outage, what the government is saying about it, and how you should proceed. Authorities may release further details such as when the power is expected to be restored.



When there’s a power outage, many of your kitchen appliances will not be working. Your microwave and electric stove are two examples. The food in the refrigerator may also slowly start to spoil. Make sure non-perishable food items are included in your emergency pack, and that canned goods are easy to open, in case you have to relocate and forget to bring a can opener with you. Pack biscuits and bottles of water, as well.



The power outage may disrupt your routine and daily operations. For a business, this means profit loss. If you can, be in contact with a Perkins generator supplier in UAE and get a generator for your establishment. The generator automatically kicks in when you lose power, so that the operations can continue and you can go on with your activities. Go to a website for a reliable generator supplier and check the different kinds they offer. You want the most efficient option for your business, to save energy and money in the long run.


Several things can cause a power outage. Even a simple circuitry problem can leave you without power for a couple of hours. In times like this, make sure you are prepared and act calmly. Stay updated on what’s happening, and prioritize your safety above everything else.