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Gifts That You Can Include On Your Flower Arrangement

Flowers are great gifts you can give to anyone. The lovely blooms can lighten one’s mood and put a smile on anyone’s face. But to make it more special, adding extra gifts might be just what you need.

If you are looking for an additional present to include on your arrangement, this list might be of help:

  • Chocolates and sweet treats

Flowers and chocolates is one lovely pair and never goes out of style. If your special someone is a sweet tooth, this is the best gift combination that you can give. The trick on giving this flower-sweets combo gift is to personalized both presents. For the flowers, be sure to know what kind of blooms she likes and what the occasion is. Don’t just settle for roses. Your online flower shop would probably show you a number of arrangements that fits the occasion. But if roses is what she wants, go for different colors.


As for the sweet treats, do not just for chocolates. Be creative and choose another sweet treats that might satisfy her cravings. It can be a personalized cake, a box of truffles, or box of sweet cupcakes with a lovely message.


  • Teddy bears

If sweets are not your thing but you still want to showcase that mushy side, then a plush and soft toy would be the best alternative. Stuff toys like teddy bears is the standard that is given along with flowers. Your flower shop online offers a variety of teddy bears that bears different messages for different occasions. They come in different colors too.


But there is no rule that teddy bear is the only stuff toy that goes well with the flower arrangement. Veer away from the usual and put any kind of stuff toy that you thinks is appropriate.


  • Fruit baskets

Fruit baskets and flowers is great get-well-soon gift for your sick loved ones. Before you order such gift combo, be sure to know the condition of the person you will be giving this gift to. If the person or the patient is still on liquid diet, you might want to delay sending this type of gift combo or opt for the alternative for the meantime.


Also, there are some flower shops who provide special and customized fruit bouquets that might interest you. This type of bouquet will give the bouquet-giving an interesting twist.



  • Balloons

Balloons is a perfect “cheer you up” gift you can pair with flowers, especially for patients who are still not allowed to eat anything. Be sure to choose an appropriate balloon and give some inspirational message to cheer the patient.


Balloons are also ideal gifts for baby showers or a general gift-giving occasion.


  • Wine

Have you seen the movie Days of Wine and Roses? If want to be inspired by this classic film, then go for wine and roses combo. The velvety taste of wine complements the beauty of the blooms.