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Installation and Maintenance Tips of a Water Heater

Warm water bath has always been considered as a great thing for your health, skin and hair. It doesn’t only refresh up your mood but also give you a very relaxing and hygienic experience to start or end your busy and hectic day. Modernized homes, offices, gyms, restaurants, hotels and water parks ensure availability of hot and warm water as per the desire and the requirements of their clients. In Dubai, various types of water heaters are available to decorate your washrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools. Like any other gadget mechanism, Water heater installation also needs proper care and attention for the cause of safety and accuracy. There are some tips for water heater users about how to maintain and install it to avail satisfactory performance in the longer run.


  • Choose the right one: There are various types of water heater available in the market, which vary on the basis of size, look, capacity, and performance. Some will work on electricity and some are gas-fueled. Water heater should always be chosen on the basis of cost and its performance efficiency. In many parts of the world, electricity is cheaper than gas. Similarly, in many areas though gas is less costly but its pressure may vary in summer and in winters. For checking their performance, you can compare different bands accordingly.
  • Measurement and Dimensions of Pipes: Installation of the water heater for first time on any place needs proper measurements and calculations of length and width of the water pipes. Similarly, different bands offer different sizes and dimensions of pipes magnitude for their water heater, if the already-installed water heater needs a replacement, the proper measurements would help a great deal in achieving this goal.
  • Precaution Before installation:  As water heater needs electric or gas connectivity, that specific utility should be turned off during installation. At the same time, other affected devices should also not be utilized during water heater installation. Safety measures listed in the booklet of water heater should also be followed.
  • Drain Hot water from Tank: Before removing old water heater make sure the whole hot water tank is drained completely for safety from any burn or injury.
  • Temperature and Pressure Corrector: Hot water needs a great care and attention so to minimize any post-installation injury or burn, install temperature and pressure checking unit before starting the heater. Make sure tank is concealed properly and it doesn’t have any leakages.
  • Flue vent: Flue vent or heat dusk should be present for better performance and fumes infectivity. These burning fumes are harmful for health and are not recommended to inhale excessively. For better cost-effectiveness, water tank blanket should also be installed for less energy consumption and warm water availability on time.


It is a good idea to insulate your water heater tank with a water heater tank blanket. This step can lower your costs to keep the water hot when you need it.

Expert handymen are available to provide their services not only for water heaters installation but also for installing other gadgets like AC in Dubai. The equipment is not only costly but is also very delicate to install. So it is better to ask and hire professionals rather than acting over-smart to save a few dirhams and get them damaged or destroyed.