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Takeaways of Using Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum cladding is one of the most popular composite panels in the market. A lot of building owners prefer this material for their structures.

But what is the fuzz about aluminum cladding? Here are some reasons why it is a popular choice amongst buyers and construction suppliers.


  • They are fire resistant

One of the key advantage of aluminium cladding is its fire-resistant quality, which is why it is a popular choice in commercial structure for their building facade. Although its component is metal and steel, it is known as a good insulator and can handle high temperature that will not exceed 650 degrees centigrade. Despite its fire-resistant qualities, it can help shield UV rays and protect people from the inside from direct sunlight.


  • Cost-effective

Another thing that makes aluminum cladding a perfect choice is that it is inexpensive and probably the cheapest among all the cladding panels available in the market.


  • Strong but light in weight

Aluminium composite panel may look weak at first glance, but in reality it is strong and durable and a good cladding panel choice. It can protect your property from harsh weather conditions and outside elements such as pollutants and air contaminants. It can also protect your property from vandalism.  But despite its durable component, aluminum cladding is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Easy application and installation

Apart from being light in weight, aluminum cladding is also easy to install. Some manufacturers sell this type of composite panels in standard sizes and ready for delivery and application. But you can also customized the panels according to the size and shape that you want. It is also flexible and can be mold in different ways. You can curve and drill holes into it, if necessary.


  • You can design it according to your liking

Some people think that although aluminum cladding is a boring cladding material since it lacks design qualities. But in reality, aluminum cladding is can visually customized in accordance to what the client needs. You can actually paint it in whatever color you want.


  • Easy to clean and maintain

Apart from being design-capable, aluminum cladding is also quite easy to maintain which is why a lot of clients opt for this kind of cladding. The material is stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned by your usual cleaning agents.