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Top Items in Women’s Online Shopping Lists

In 2013, 57 percent of American women shopped online. It is no wonder since e-commerce has been gaining significant momentum in recent years. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of easily making a purchase online and having the product delivered at your door? But what do women usually buy online that they’re helping propel e-commerce to further growth?

  • Accessories – One of the favourite shopping staples of most women are accessories – from handbags and purses, to shoes and sandals. There are also numerous hats and sunglasses available online. The best thing about online shopping, in Dubai for example, is you get to see all the newest items in vogue today, in just one shop!
  • Gadgets – Most shopping surveys show that male consumers shop online for gadgets – laptops, smartphones, and hardware. But women are not to be left behind! Studies found that female buyers tend to spend between $200 to $1400 on smartphones. Even more if they want to personalise their mobile phones.
  • Home furniture – Whether they are single and living on their own, or a homemaker who wishes to create a comfortable and beautiful home for her family, women like shopping for furniture online. Comfy sofas, throw pillows, side cabinets, decorative lights, and hanging shelves are just some furniture pieces you can find online!
  • Kitchenware – More than pots and pans, numerous women are turning to online shops to shop for their kitchen must-haves. These may include microwaves and electric kettles to baking and pastry supplies.
  • Beauty and hygiene products – From simple bathroom necessities, such as body washes and bath bombs, to face masks and teeth whitening products, online shops virtually have it all. Plus, most offer products that are hard to find in brick-and-mortar beauty stores.
  • Clothes – Perhaps one of the most popular items in online shops is dresses for women. There is a multitude of choices for every occasion and season. Online shops offer flowing maxi dresses for summer, long gowns for special evenings, and chic cocktail dresses for parties. Majority of online stores even offer the complete wardrobe essentials, including office wear, casual clothes, swimsuits, and a whole lot more.
  • Lingerie – Apparently, intimate wear need not be bought personally anymore! A lot of online shops offer lingerie sets, body shapers, corsets, stockings, leggings, and more. With a wealth of choices for every woman, it’s not surprising that more and more women are turning to purchasing their necessities online.
  • Make-up – Who hasn’t heard of the Kylie lip kit? Or the Colourpop matte lipsticks? Online sellers of make-up are taking the internet by storm! And these products are not just available on online shops. They’re also being sold via social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook. As millennial women spend about 4 hours every day on social media, online makeup will surely be a hit even in the coming years!