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Tourists, You Have To Know These Facts about Dubai Food

Travelers who are aiming to visit Dubai anytime soon must know these interesting facts about the Emirati cuisine: not just for their budget, but also for cultural awareness.

The Emirati cuisine is influenced by nearby Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

The typical meals in Dubai consist of rice, vegetables, spices and poultry. Some of their traditional foods taste like Indian food, while the others like Pakistani and North Korean dishes. If you’re planning to eat in a restaurant that offers authentic Emirati cuisine, do not forget to try Al Machboos. It’s the national food in Dubai and is comprised of meat, rice, dried lemon, onions, salt and spices. Research for the most recommended restaurants in the city before finding some good restaurant deals in Dubai.

If you’re not a fan of spicy meals, resort to other cuisines.

Most (if not all) authentic Emirati foods are spicy. If that doesn’t sound nice for your taste buds, go to restaurants that offer Italian, American, French, Greek, or the type of cuisine you prefer. You may also avail food in the hotel or grab some fast food at the very least.

Camel meat is highly favored by Emirati people.

Several recipes in Dubai use camel as one of their components. Among the popular camel-based dishes in Dubai are camel pizza, camel chocolate, camel burger and stuffed camel. Food enthusiasts say camel tastes like a blend of beef and lamb. This type of meat is really affordable in Dubai since you will find countless camels in the desert. You might want to buy some and cook them on country.

When in Dubai, forget about pork for a while.

Most of the residents in Dubai are Muslims. Hence, you will rarely find pork recipes in restaurants that serve authentic Emirati cuisine. Their pork alternatives are beef, chicken, lamb and camel. Try to adapt to their culture for the rest of your stay in Dubai. However, if you really prefer to eat pork dishes, do not eat at Indian and Emirati restaurants. Your best choice is a Western restaurant.

Do not go home without trying some street food.

Dubai has a grandiose lifestyle. Their food is not budget-friendly, especially if you will eat at the hotel and in premier restaurants every single day.  Eating street food for at least a night is a good way to save a few bucks, while also experiencing something new from the city. Dubai has tasty street foods and you’ll never regret trying them out.

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