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Picking a Bouquet: What do Flowers Say?

Flowers are the perfect choice of gift when you want to let your special someone know that you love and adore them. Want to express your sincere apology? Giving the person a bunch of immaculately white flowers is one of the best ways to show the sincerity of your apology. A bouquet of lovely flowers is also perfect for saying “Congratulations!” or “Happy Wedding Anniversary!” But if you want to make sure that you pick the flowers that will aptly show your feelings and say the unspoken words for you, then it’s best to learn the language of flowers.

Roses are a classic choice when giving flowers. If you are planning to give someone a bunch of roses, you can emphasise the meaning behind the gesture by choosing the right colours. For example, strikingly red roses stand for passion, love, and desire, while gorgeous white roses convey the purity and sincerity of your emotions and intention. If you want to cheer up someone, you can give them pink roses, which symbolise happiness, gentleness, and grace. On the other hand, you can give a friend yellow roses to celebrate your friendship, or a new chapter or milestone in your lives.

Red carnations are considered flashy and glamourous, while pink ones are ideal for expressing your gratitude to someone. If you want to let someone know that they are remembered and missed, white carnations might just do the trick for you.

Tulips are another popular type of flowers, especially during Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. You cannot say “I love you” louder and clearer than a single stem or a bunch of red tulips. If you are seeking the forgiveness of your special someone, or if you want to let another person know you have forgiven them, a bouquet of freshly picked white tulips can say the words you are unable to utter. For those who want to profess their undying love, you can visit an online flower delivery website and place an order for yellow tulips – the representation of being “hopelessly in love.”

Do you want to know more about the meanings of flowers? The Society of American Florists came up with a list of flowers and the messages they convey. You can browse through their list here. And once you are ready to pick the flowers that will perfectly convey your message, visit and see their selection of beautiful and fresh flowers. Choose a bouquet and have it delivered straight to your doorstep, or you can arrange to have it delivered to the recipient.