Starting a business requires capital investment and other expenditures. You need to invest in professional staff, equipment and furniture, and telecommunication systems, such as the Internet and telephones. You also need to have an office so you have a base of operations, and your clients have an address where they can reach you. However, if you have just started your company and are not ready to shoulder a long-term and substantial business investment, you can instead try a serviced office.

Practical and reasonable costs

Serviced offices in Abu Dhabi are generally offered with flexible or short-term lease agreements. Yes, the initial cost may be higher than what you expected, but the upside of this arrangement is you are not bound to a long-term contract, which usually lasts for several years. If you need to upsize your office, you can do so without waiting for your long-term contract to end. In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself no longer able to sustain your business, you can vacate your premises without worrying about the long-term investment that you have made, or still need to shoulder.

Pay-as-you use scheme

Serviced offices come with facilities and equipment that you can use and pay for only as you use them. For example, if you need meeting rooms in Abu Dhabi, you can rent it for an hourly basis. The same can be done for other equipment, including printers, photocopying machines, etc. The rent for the service office, together with the expenses for everything you used, is usually included in a single bill. With the pay-as-you-use scheme, you also get to control your expenses, as you only need to pay for what you used and what you only need.

Professional staff on hand

People who rent serviced offices are happy to have reliable staff who can assist them with their daily operations. You may have your own employees, but if you are starting out, you may find that you do not have the human and financial resources to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. All your team members will be dedicated to tasks such as sales, accounting, customer service, and more. With a serviced office, you do not have to worry about this as maintenance is generally included in the lease agreement. It also includes professional assistance from their in-house receptionists, who can welcome your clients and guests for you.

Easy to move in and relocate

Most serviced offices are situated in prime business areas and districts. If you wish to relocate your business, you can conveniently do so without having to uproot your entire office to relocate. In addition, you do not need to pay for a huge overhead cost again, which usually comes with relocating your whole headquarters. Moreover, a serviced office is already set-up and well-equipped for your use. All you have to do is move in and start your usual business activities.