In dramas we see on television, last wills are a common thing. It’s quite amusing to watch the character in the story suck up to a certain person who is about to die, to earn enough of their favor to have them included in their last will and testament. After all, who wouldn’t want to receive an inheritance?


Dramas are dramas though, and real life is different. You probably don’t have different people who are after your money and mansions. It’s unlikely that you have people like that trying to include themselves in your last will. If you’re an average person with just enough to sustain a particular lifestyle that works for you, you might not even have a mansion. Which begs the question, do you even need a last will and testament?


Simply put, the answer is yes. Indeed you do need a last will and testament. Lawyers who provide will writing services in Dubai answer why.


  1. You can ensure that your wishes are followed – By drafting a will, you can decide certain things and make sure that your decisions are followed after you pass away. These decisions usually involve the people and possessions you leave behind. Most people don’t know that if you don’t have a will, the government is usually the body that makes these decisions for you.
  2. You can make sure that your possessions go to the people you care about – You may not own properties like real estate, but if there is anything you value a lot because of sentimental value, then drafting a will can ensure that the right people receive it after your death. Listing these in a will also reduces your family’s confusion about who gets what.
  3. You can decide how your kids will be raised – God forbid, but in the unfortunate case of your accidental or unexpected death, a last will and testament will come in handy. Aside from listing the people who get your possessions and who of them get what, you can leave specific instructions about who will be your children’s legal guardians, and how they are raised as well. Doing this will also secure their future.
  4. You can give your family peace of mind – by settling your affairs through a last will and testament, you can leave your family peace of mind. They won’t have to worry about settling any of your debts, finishes any business you left behind, or whatnot. They can just follow your wishes to the letter and leave it at that.
  5. You can plan your own funeral – This is probably one of the coolest reasons to write a will. You can plan your own funeral. Whether you want to be buried or cremated, what you want to be wearing, and even the playlist to be used. Whether you want jazz or rock and roll, you can leave it all in your will.

Bear in mind that you will need the assistance of an attorney when you write your last will and testament. That’s because a will is a legally binding document and there are steps to be followed for it to be valid. To learn more about writing your will, visit this website.