Sure, models look good. Their being attractive is what primarily empowers them to, er, attract people into the brands or campaigns they represent. They showcase a certain product or a certain cause in a print ad or in a video, and draw people into them, enticing them to purchase or to support.

This is more obvious for clothing brands. Models wear the brand’s latest products. We see them in magazines, on billboards, on TV, on social media. We see that the clothes look good. (On models. Duh.) And we give a thought into buying them. Given this, it is not incorrect to assume that the more attractive the model, the more sales they influence.

However, all models are – subjectively speaking of course – attractive. Does that necessarily mean that any model can represent any brand, any campaign, effectively? No!

There are already so many models – professionals and amateurs, signed and freelance – in the market right now. That fact alone should remind you that if you are going to look for a model to represent and promote your product, event, or cause, you should look beyond the good looks.

First of all, always be reminded that a model is not an attractive meat that you use as a mere accessory, a mere prop, to advertise your product. Models are representatives of your brand or campaign. People who see your ad don’t just see your product being showcased or promoted by your model; they associate the model with your brand or campaign, albeit subconsciously. And because of this, models actually become some sort of ambassadors for your brand or campaign, whether they posture as such or not.

There is no one perfect model for everything. Every product, every event, every cause, caters to a specific market, a specific audience. So in looking for the perfect model for your product, you should always consider the particulars of your product and your market or audience. So instead of just looking for the most attractive model you can find, and afford, you should be looking for a model with the characteristics, the personality, the vibe, that fits your product and your market or audience. You wouldn’t choose a teenage(-looking) girl to model for your brand of maternity clothes, would you? And even ads for certain causes and advocacies would require a certain look for more believability and impact.

So yes, there is no one perfect model for everything. But there might be a perfect one for your particular needs.

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