Your hands are probably one of your body parts that are often overused yet underappreciated. There are countless things you do with your hands, and you’ll need somebody else to take care of you should you lose the ability to move those limbs of yours.

Are you doing enough, then, to take care of the hands that take care of you? Do you give it enough rest, or do you take it for granted, too? To make sure your hands are healthy even in your old age, here are four easy yet effective caring tips for your hands and nails.

Use mild detergent and soaps.

Do you wash your clothes? You’re lucky if you use a washing machine, particularly the industrial type, but if you use your bare hands to wash your clothes and maybe even your other family members’, perhaps it’s time consider changing that strong detergent when you do the laundry. Use mild, hypoallergenic soaps that won’t turn the skin in your hands to the texture of sandpaper or leather. When taking a bath, soak your hands in warm, luxurious baths so it can take a rest, too.

Buy moisturizing cream.

In relation, consider buying moisturizing cream for your hands, too. If you have one for your face, you probably need a different variety for your tired hands. Apply cream after you take a bath, before you sleep, and whenever you go outside. The harmful UV rays can cause dry skin, and if you’re into keeping your skin looking young and healthy, consider going to a ladies salon in dubai instead of spending hours outdoors. As much as possible, regulate your sun exposure time to prevent premature wrinkles on your hands and even on your face.

Visit a good nail salon.

A lot of women go to a nail salon for regular manicure and pedicure services. Some also try various shades and colors of nail polish and even try innovative beauty solutions like thalgo products women suggest. Unlike the conventional polish, gel manicure does not easily get damaged, allowing the women to enjoy their manicure for a longer time. Even men who like buffed and clean hands and nails visit an established nail salon for self-care, too.

Be mindful of your vitamins.

While mild soaps, moisturizing creams, and professional nail care services are external solutions to excellent hand and nail care, your vitamins and minerals will still be your weapon against dry, papery, and oily skin. Take vitamin E for your skin to remain supple, keeping wrinkles from forming around your eyes, neck, and hands. You can also take vitamin B complex for wrist health. A lot of people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, acquired through spending hours in front of the computer all day. You use a keyboard and mouse and your wrists and hands take all the stress from that limited movement. Be mindful of your vitamins and keep your bones, muscles, and skin healthy.

These hand and nail care tips can help keep your important limbs healthy and free from pain and illnesses. Consult your healthcare professionals for additional information on these tips.