We all know that the days when everyone could easily and quickly get links have passes. But this does not been that there is no value of link building. In fact, after all this, quality link building is of even greater importance than anytime else. Now, you need to first fix your present link profile you can build any newer links. The best way of doing that is getting a backlink report of your site. You need to analyze all the results of this report and identify if any low-quality links are present that might be deteriorating the quality of your site. If you find some, you need to get in contact with the respective webmasters and SEO professionals and get these links removed. If you are unable to find their information or any of them does not agree to removing them, you can use the disavow links tool by Google.

This will ensure that all the low-quality or irrelevant links are removed from your site and once that is done, you can make time for looking at exactly who you are linking to. This is very important especially in case of bloggers. Most of them feel that selling text link advertisements and other sponsored posts are good for some additional income. But, these could actually be the demise of your blog. This is because a bloggers PageRank does not only depend on inbound links but also on outbound links and if you promote such links, your rank is sure to degrade.

The best way to go about it is to add the NoFollow attribute for all the paid links on your site unless the advertiser has implicitly stated it. This is better understood by an example. Suppose you write a travel blog and there is some travel company that purchases a sponsored post from you and the text that is anchored is something like “cheap holiday packages”. You would then change the link to look something like: Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Doing this, will get you rid of any value that is pressed on from your site to the one that is advertising. Thence, it will help your site adhere to Google’s webmaster quality standards for link schemes as well. This might make most of the bloggers worry about how they would earn money. Well, there still are ways of earning money from your blog. You could sign up for Google’s AdSense that is a display advertising network. It offers many advertising options and it is also the safest way of earning money via your blogs. The main reason being Google is a reputed company and would not offer this facility if it hurt your site in any way. You must however be careful of not overdoing your blog with these display advertisements as that will take the essence of a blog out of your page. Visit UnitedSEO.ae for more information.