Painting will be relaxing when you start slow and do step by step work. You need to have some good ideas to start painting in a better way. When you are beginner then you have to start with simpler shapes and drawings and then when you get to know your strengths and you see that you can do better work then you have to go a step further and start with some complex painting ideas. There is a lot of beginner painting ideas from which you can start painting to know these you have to see our website or see this below:


If you are a nature lover then painting flowers is the best way to get close to the nature. You can get some pictures of flowers from internet or you can have a real flower in front of you and try to paint like that. First you should sketch that and then see that where you have to put which color and also you have to use some mixing of colors to create a better and realistic one.


Some people will love to do the abstract art and for them doing the geometric painting is a best way to start their painting career. You need to get some pictures from internet or then you can go with your heart and get a sketch which you like. After that it will be easy for you to paint those patterns according to your choice. An advantage of painting abstract is that you can draw anything and paint any color at any place and there will be no restriction for you and your painting will still look amazing.


It is another kind of painting like geometric but in this there are no special lines or exact shapes involved but you can draw anything and paint any color in that which you like. Most of the time there will be some idea behind an abstract painting in the mind of painter and he will try to display that idea in a different way. Then you can give a name to your abstract painting to make people understanding that what you are trying to portray in your painting. You can paint abstract on any size of the canvas and it will look amazing when you paint it with your heart.