Since you had plans to celebrate your kids party in Dubai, now is the time to start to explore options for it. Think about having it in a grand style and it will stay in your and your child’s memories for a long time. Celebrating the party is all about having plenty of fun. All parents come up with out of the box ideas for the party, or at least they try to do so. You should do that too, and storm your brain with ideas that actually work. So, what ideas will work for your kid’s birthday? Start flooding your mind with options:

Before the bash begins

To get things started, you need to have it all planned out. You can hire a birthday party planner for that if you like, but try to come up with your own ideas. Being a parent, you must have attended many birthdays. You can combine their ideas, or cherry-pick those that may suit your needs. There is a possibility that your brainstorming will pay off when ideas start to come.


Birthday parties that have games in them offer so much fun to attendees. Most of them would be children, so it makes sense to plan games that they can play with ease. Line up all the balloons and ask kids to burst them. Start the musical chair and play the music, the winner will take the prize. You can also pin the donkey tail and ask kids to find it. You can have paper boats and ask participants to race them. In short, you can add as many birthday games in your kid’s party as you want.

Themes and artwork

Imagine a birthday without any themes or artwork. It would look plain and boring. You must plan to have a theme for the birthday party. You can have the flowers, birds, or random animals pictured in the venue. Additionally, you can also add the children’s artwork in the venue.

At a summer camp

If there is enough time, you can plan to have the birthday at the summer camp for kids in Dubai. To make that happen, you will have to inform the camp’s management in advance. Pay the advance and the management will make arrangements for the birthday. You must ensure that the event is discussed in detail in advance with the management.