It may be difficult for some to distinguish the differences between a modern and a contemporary kitchen when it comes to design. Well, the main elements that define modern kitchens are horizontal lines, frameless cabinets, and the lack of ornamentation. Aside from those elements, the below characteristics will help you recognize a modern kitchen:

  • Flat-Panel Door Style – This is one of the signature elements of a modern kitchen. Often referred to as a slab-door, flat-panel doors are usually smooth and without handles. Yes, the modern kitchen doors are flat and without expensive details, but they are very stylish. The hard lines and minimalist forms of these doors—most made of laminate or wood—are perfect for modern interiors.
  • Modern Kitchen Rugs or Mats – Since most of the furniture of a modern kitchen are crying out of character, some designers bring out the personality of a kitchen space with the help of modern rugs. It is advisable for modern kitchens to incorporate rugs because aside from being a great accent, rugs also add warmth and comfort to the kitchen, a place full of hard surfaces.

Before buying modern rugs for your kitchen, there are many things that you should consider: (1) We all know that kitchens are high-traffic areas so it is advisable for you to search for rugs that are safe, durable, and easy to clean. (2) You should also consider the size and shape of the rug. Your rugs’ size and shape should depend on the size and shape of your kitchen, or the size and shape of the specific part of the kitchen where you intend to use the rugs. (3) In addition, the colour of your rug should complement the colour of your kitchen’s flooring and cabinetry. Take note that dark colours hide dirt and stains more compared to light colours. If you need more tips on modern rugs in Dubai, just click the link and we will help you.

  • Modern Kitchen Lighting – All kitchens need an ambient light that is bright enough for complex tasks like measuring and preparing the ingredients for your next family meal. In modern kitchens, it is a must that your lighting fixture complements your kitchen furniture. Always bear in mind that great lighting adds warmth, character, and personal touch to your modern kitchen. Transform your kitchen into a more comfortable space with that decorative lighting Dubai residents prefer.

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